From inception to completion

We offer valuable services for every stage of your project. It is the only way a company in our industry can eliminate client risk and guarantee project success.
Working For You
David Hill Builders is a dynamic, full service general contracting firm providing award-winning construction for commercial and residential customers in North Carolina and Virginia since 1989. While our growth has been tremendous, it has been due to a singular objective and understanding. David Hill Builders is more than a builder. We offer a combination of proven capabilities, a commitment to exceptional service and a focus on protecting your investment.

Our rich history of transforming clients’ ideas and visions into flawless reality by practicing the art and science of intelligent construction has allowed us to successfully deliver a breadth of projects in a variety of markets.











We recognize that construction is an investment. Today, projects are becoming more complex with more options to consider than ever before. Because of this, the decisions made before construction significantly affect project and financial outcomes. This is why we developed a full complement of personal and building services. We strive to help our clients meet the growing decisions and demands of construction projects by offering the expertise, experience and resources to make your dream a success.

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Our capabilities come to life through our client partnerships. The common thread in these relationships is our ability to transform clients’ ideas and visions into flawless realities by:

  • Producing high-quality, innovatively designed and efficiently produced projects that provide a long-term return on your investment by standing the test of time
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent in our industry – we offer a team of the most experienced project managers to guide you through the decision-making process and building experts with a passion for perfection – to ensure that you are delighted with every aspect of your building experience.
  • Offering a personal approach to better understand your needs in order to develop and recommend personalized solutions that can help you reach your construction goals in the most cost-effective manner.

Personal Services

As a David Hill Builders client, you’ll work with an industry expert who spends time listening to you, explaining recommendations, answering questions and helping you plot the right course in an effort to minimize financial risk and deliver certainty. We know construction decisions can be overwhelming. That’s why we believe every question deserves a thoughtful and transparent answer. This is why we insist on supplying you with a dedicated project team who will partner with you on all your construction decisions.

The DHB Advantage

Knowing that you have selected a builder who will meet all of your expectations will help to alleviate your apprehension. There’s an advantage in working with a general contractor who knows you and all of your goals. That’s what makes David Hill Builders different from other general contractors. Ensuring you receive the personal attention required to understand the building process as well as associated costs and timelines in advance, shapes nearly every aspect of our business. We believe you deserve prompt responses and attention. The David Hill Builders approach in determining your goals, and developing a tailored construction strategy, has been helping clients for 30 years. If you’re ready to work with a different kind of construction firm—one that cares as much about you as what you’re building— you’re ready to work with David Hill Builders.

The most difficult task is getting a project off the ground. To help, we offer everything from project development (site selection, budgeting, estimating, cost and schedule controls) to design management (3D computer-aided drafting, value engineering and constructability input). Above that, it’s all about enhancing the client experience by proactively mitigating project risk, creating maximum value and delivering success certainty for our customers.
David Hill Builders offers general commercial and residential construction, construction management, and design-build services. We specialize in new construction, tenant up-fits, renovations and additions. We’re capable of building anything from dream homes and offices to banks and churches. Our committed team has a deep understanding of the trade – knowing how to be both proficient and efficient – to bring together the most effective processes, leading technologies, quality materials, talented craftsmen, ethical practices and transparent communication to ensure your project gets the white glove attention it deserves.
Enduring partnerships are essential for our continued success. Therefore, our relationship with project owners does not end after the final walk-through. We continue to serve in a variety of ways to ensure every aspect of the project meets their full expectations, so that our post construction services serve as the bridge to our next project. Our post construction services include overall project and goal attainment review, open communication for follow-up questions after occupation, modifications for improved functionality, and guidance for building maintenance.
Design & Build – Combining the best design expertise with real-time construction logistics gives our clients a single point of project accountability from conception to delivery, without compromising design creativity or integrity. We lead and take full responsibility for the whole process, while giving you the ingenuity, the result and the transparency you demand. This model reduces time in development and accelerates construction schedules. It also improves profitability and eliminates the majority of a client’s risk, since a price has already been guaranteed for the project’s design and construction.

Construction Sciences – With a dedication to ensuring that the most innovative building techniques and products are available to our clients. Our team gets actively involved in projects from the proposal stage, putting together detailed scheduling, logistics, drawings and conceptual documents to showcase our approach and thinking on how we plan to get your job done better than any other company. We can build better because we invest the necessary time to create detailed proactive plans.

Project Management – Bringing disciplined construction practices – cost controls, real time scheduling, building sciences and field supervision – to the traditional Project Management processes of procurement, analysis, reporting, and client representation. We bring disciplined and complete project oversight. We oversee every aspect of the work and constantly communicate progress. We help owners keep their projects on track from project conception through to the selection of consultants, planning, tendering and finally completion and closeout.

Sustainable Building – Understanding that the success of projects striving for energy conservation targets and high performance building standards such as LEED certification depends on a collaborative workforce committed to greater interaction and teamwork amongst the owner, design consultants, contractor, occupants and operations staff. Our team offers sustainability consulting and on-site construction coordination to track progress of the project to ensure targets are met at every stage and our client’s green project goals are met.

Virtual Design – Utilizing 3D to proactively mitigate project risk, expedite coordination and provide better transparency to our clients. This tool allow us to build projects on a virtual platform; we create content and manage the integration of detailed 3D models to study cost, constructability and logistics across all disciplines.  The data contained in these models is valuable to assist the project team to manage interferences, plan and execute the construction of the building.

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